17 Travel Tips Everyone Should Know For Their Next Vacation Getaway


Ready for vacation but have no idea where to start? The list below includes some of the most helpful travel tips we have learned along the way and we would like to share them with anyone and everyone planning their next vacation getaway.

Get ready for your next trip when you research, pack and plan right way so you can enjoy a hassle and stress-free time with the whole family.

This is Travel Tips Everyone Should Know For Their Next Vacation Getaway:


1.Know What You Are Packing For

Welcome to Travel Tips 101 where knowing what you’re packing for begs the question of where you are going. Heading to the mountains of Colorado? Get some warm wear, snow boots, hats, gloves and a pile of cocoa packets. Heading to the sandy white shores of the Pensacola beach? Pack up your swimsuits, sunscreen, sunglasses and towels!

Packing can seem relatively straightforward but knowing where and when you’re going somewhere can make a huge difference of what you put in your luggage. It’s always good to have a checklist and go over everything two or even three times!


2.Bring More Than One Forms of $$$

While we still have cash in society, it’s a good habit when you’re traveling to have multiple means of payment whether that’s a credit card, debit card, cash, check and even your phone if you have Apple Pay. You never know what you’re going to run into when you’re driving through towns or arrive at your destination. Some Mom & Pop shops still only take cash. Just be prepared for anything!

Also, be safe with how you carry your money when you travel. See more tips here.


3.Travel Light

A seemingly impossible task when you are traveling with the family, but doable. It never hurts to leave a little space in the car or in your luggage in case you, the kiddos or your better half decides to bring something back from your vacation destination. It could be more clothing, a gift for a loved one or a rather large souvenir. You just don’t know. That’s why it’s good to be prepared and travel light if possible.


4.Route Out Your Trip

If it’s a road trip for this year’s vacation, look over your route so there’s no surprises along the way! Know the highways and the back roads too if needed. Google Maps is a very handy-dandy phone app that tracks your vehicle and let you know step-by-step what turns are coming up. Get notifications of road alerts and updates with Waze, another great map app that also shows accidents and alternative routes to your destination if/when needed. Just in case you are ever in a spot that doesn’t have great wi-fi, keep a hard-copy map in your vehicle or on your person.


5.Do Your Research

While it’s not a bad thing to go with the flow or improvising parts of your trip, a large chunk of having a stress-free vacation starts before you leave. Make reservations for hotels, dining and shows. Research local events and best places in the area to visit. Having some pre-knowledge about your destination, what the weather will be like and any important news and announcements can make all the difference for your trip!


6.Visit Local Tourism Office

Who would better know about where to go, where to eat and the fastest route to that one Chinese buffet than the local tourism office. Seek out one of these establishments when you first hit town and you won’t regret it! Get free maps, brochures and information anytime you stop by one of these offices and feel more confident and assured about your vacation getaway.


7.Bring Important Documents

Have your tickets, your coupons and any other important documents downloaded, printed out or on standby when you are traveling. Do you have your passport? What about those two tickets for that special show? Is your boarding pass ready to go? Save yourself some hassle and embarrassment when you have all the documents you need for your next trip ready-to-go and ready-to-show.


8.Sanitize Often & Wear Masks

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people have been more aware of sanitation and safety more than ever, especially when out in public. Traveling by air or by car puts you and your family in contact with many people and objects so it’s best to be safe and prepared before, during and after your next vacation. Get your hands on as many masks as you need, a few big bottles of hand sanitizer and some Lysol wipes. Have everyone in your group wear masks when out and to sanitize after visiting gas stations or other stops along the way so everyone can safe and healthy!


9.Bring Vehicle Emergency Items

Leave some room in the ole travel trunk of your car for cans of engine oil, power steering fluid, tire foam for flats, jumper cables and all the material needed for changing out a tire. Car problems can hit anyone at anytime so it’s better to have some emergency items on standby for when you need them!


10.Have Snacks & Drinks

Get out the mini coolers and zip lock bags! You’ll save big time when you put this travel tip to use. Buying food and drink for your trip will save you both time and money as gas station food and drive-thrus cost more money and takes up precious time when you could be on the road. So, pack up those granola bars, apples and juice boxes and worry not about having to make stops or spending money you don’t have to.


11.Road Trip Games

If your trip is going to last more than an hour and you have some restless individuals in the car, it’s going to be a good idea to plan out some games. Go for classics like I Spy, 21 Questions, 2 Truths and a Lie or even Licence Plate Bingo where you see how many different vehicles from different states pass by. Anything to help the time pass by and everyone sane!


12.First Aid Kit & Flashlight

Many things can happen on a trip including injury, though hopefully never anything serious. That’s exactly why it should be a necessity to have at least one basic first aid kit packed away with useful items like ointment, band aids and Ibuprofen. You should also always carry a flashlight in case you travel at night and—if an owie happens—you can see what happened and how to treat it.


13.Don’t Always Eat Out

Locals don’t always eat out and neither should you. Reserve dining-out for special occasions or for every other night so your money can be put towards other attractions and vacation savvy events. Go to a local grocery store and get ingredients for easy, fast meals like sandwiches or hot dogs. Buying food also presents you and your travel troupe with better health options like fruit and vegetables.


14.Talk to the Locals

Locals know what’s up whether it’s letting you know about the best shopping areas or the best back-roads to take so you can avoid nasty traffic jams. Locals can give advice, directions and helpful pointers if you are willing to ask and willing to listen.


15.Seek Out Free Activities

Free activities are not seclusive to just one town or city. There are free options everywhere! You just have to know where and what to look for. Research before you head out and you’ll be surprised what you find. It doesn’t cost money to take a walk, to swim in public areas or to window shop. It just takes some creativity and innovation on your part or as a group.


16.Use Phone Apps

There are a plethora of phone apps out there that are guaranteed to save you some big bucks when you travel! Save money at the gas pump, in-store, when going out to eat or on select tickets when you use the right app. You can have easy access to exclusive deals, coupons and savings when you plan ahead and download what you need beforehand.

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Hey! It’s vacation time! Now that you have read some of our best travel tips, you’re all set to sit back and enjoy some much needed vacation.


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