5 Creative Ways to Save For Your Next Branson Vacation

Everyone dreams of living the life of a traveler. Doing what you want, when you want and living without seemingly a care in the world. Compared to you’re usual 8-5 job that you dread having to go to each and everyday, this sounds like heaven.


We see it everyday – on the latest episode of our favorite travel show or on the social media pages of travel gurus we diligently follow. You and I both know that we’re guilty of thinking that they’re living the dream. And if you’re someone who’s brave enough to try and explore the uncharted waters of traveling, you might want to consider something very important first – your budget.


While vacationing in Branson is really inexpensive especially when compared to other destinations, a simple few day trip can easily turn into a a few thousand dollar bills if your not careful!


Based on personal experiences and those we have gathered from others, here’s a few tips on how you can prepare yourself (and your pockets) for your next big travel destination:


  1. Open a savings account. If you already have one but it still looks drier than the Gobi desert, you might want to rethink your budgeting strategies. Make it a point to always, and I do mean always – tuck a few bucks a way. Even $3 a day goes long way when done right. It means $21 a week, $84 a month, and a whopping $1008 per year. It should give you a head start on air fare or cover your food expenses. Try to make it higher, all it takes is a little bit of self control and a lot of patience.


  1. Take Mr. Piggy out. That’s right, trust that good old change jars will take you a step closer to your dream destination. Old fashioned it may be, it’s actually an effective way of saving money. Just like opening a savings account, it requires some time before you can actually see results. The difference though is that you won’t be housing paper bills – we’re talking about taking care of a whole lot of quarters, pennies, and dimes. In a year’s time, you might be surprised how much these little babies can grow. Last year, I managed to save almost $650 with the help of my piggy bank. Sounds promising, right?


  1. Cut back on food expenses. Opt to cook rather than to eat out. Not only are you getting away from fatty, greasy foods we are all guilty of eating, you also get to save a few bucks from eating out in pricey restaurants. This is especially true when you’re not only responsible for yourself but for your family as well. Buy in bulk. Prepare large meals and eat them several times.


  1. Get rid of old stuff. Nothing smells like profit more than doing a traditional garage sale. Talk about low capital and overhead costs, plus high returns! So maybe it’s time to unlock your attic and basement and start looking for things to put up for sale. Get rid of things that you don’t need anymore and maybe even stuff that reminds you of bad memories. Out with the old and in with the cash – pretty good way to fund your travels.


  1. Apply for credit cards that pay. One of the biggest challenges in traveling is air fare, especially when you’re aiming to go to popular tourist destinations. Luckily, many credit card companies offer rewards for just using them. Apply for cards with flyer mile rewards and get to fly for free. Apply for cards that give you cash back. It adds up fast really quick! One warning though…be sure that you know how to handle your credit expense  and pay on time – or it may not be worth it.


There you go – five completely easy and hassle-free ways on how you can save up for your next trip. You don’t have to be rich to live fabulously; you just need the right hacks. If you’re feeling inspired and want to turn that dream into reality, better start soon or better yet – tomorrow.

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