5 Reasons To Visit Branson, MO

Thankfully, Branson offers an abundance of memorable exploits for all ages – whether you are looking for family-friendly activities, unforgettable experiences, rich history and culture, outdoors adventures, or refreshing escapes…No wonder Branson has made TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Destinations List the last five years!

Just what makes Branson a go-to getaway?

Unforgettable Experiences & Rich Culture
More and more people are considering one major component when arranging their travel: experience. They want to connect with the people and the area they visit, according to Norwalk Report . Branson is full of sweet country charm, southern hospitality, and a wealth of opportunities to connect with the locals and the area. Experience the charm of a Branson resort such as Big Cedar Lodge, spend a day in downtown Branson or at the Branson Landing (a stylish lakeside shopping center), and enjoy an evening meal at College of the Ozark’s The Keeter Center. Make a day of adventure at Silver Dollar City – an 1880s based theme park or participate in Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. There are countless activities to choose from that will connect travelers with, both, the people and the area.

Location, Location, Location!
For 2017, one of the major travel trends will be “local travel,” according to a recent 2017 travel report released by Forbes. This is possibly one of the biggest draws to the area–its accessibility! Being located in the heart of the nation, Branson is within a justifiable driving distance for a good portion of the country. In fact, many Americans can drive to Branson within one day! Branson is a prime hotspot for families, seniors, and millennials looking for an unforgettable experience while not desiring to go bankrupt.

All New Adventures
With the new year also comes new attractions and adventures that will make anyones 2017 getaway an unforgettable one. Here are a few new ones:

Fritz’ Adventure: an 80,000 square foot multidimensional attraction for all ages that brings various outdoor
challenges and obstacles to an indoor setting.

-The Escape Branson: a live escape game for groups of 2-6 that is both grueling and interactive.

-Bigfoot on the Strip: A towering 225 foot attraction on the strip (Hwy. 76) that will satisfy any thrill-seekers adrenaline rush.

Branson’s Ferris Wheel (Formerly Chicago’s Navy Pier Ferris Wheel): The attraction made its Branson debut on Hwy. 76 last summer. The Ferris Wheel has 40 gondolas, holding up to six people per gondola – 240 total.

-Other Notable New Attractions: The Runaway Mountain Coaster, Gary Player World-Class Short Course (Golf Course), The Sky Deck, Ballparks of America Branson (youth baseball tournament and facility).

The Beautiful Outdoors
With our super high-tech world and adventurous young folk, travelers are increasingly looking to find vacation spots and activities that will immerse them in nature. And Branson, being nestled in the midst of the Ozark Mountains and surrounded by three White River lakes, provides just that. With all of the lush scenery and nature that the area has to offer, travelers can enjoy a multitude of outdoors activities from hiking to kayaking and ziplining to golfing. Or perhaps a relaxing retreat sounds better? Relax at Moonshine Beach, schedule a spa day at Chateau on the Lake, or cozy up through your stay in The Keeter Center’s Bluff House. The options for the outdoorsy are endless!

Finances can make or break a vacation. In comparison to many other top destinations, Branson is low-cost and budget friendly! To top it all off, there is much available to do that is free of cost – spend a day on the lake, hiking Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area, or adventuring around downtown Branson and the Branson Landing…with the charming culture and beautiful nature, travelers will not feel deprived one bit!

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