6 Packing Tips For Your Branson Vacation


If you’re in the United States (or planning to go to the US) and looking for the next, adorable place to feature in your Instagram posts, you might want to consider stopping by Branson, Missouri. As one of the top tourist destinations in the US, Branson has a little bit for everybody. From awesome theme parks, theaters, and museums, to breath-taking sceneries – just name it, they have it!


So now that we’ve kind of hooked you into traveling to Branson, we wouldn’t want you to go there unprepared!  Here’s some quick packing tips on how one should pack when visiting Branson.


Travel Light. You don’t want your trip to be ruined by 60 lbs. of luggage on each hand. This will cause unnecessary expense on your pockets and pain in your arms! Only bring a few spare clothes (check tip #2) that you can change into when the excitement gets a little out of hand and the essentials (toiletries, batteries, cellphone, etc.). Don’t bring your entire house with you. Seriously. You will always be on the go!


Check the weather. You’re in Missouri. A common saying around here is “If you don’t like the weather, wait until tomorrow.” It’s important to always keep an eye on the forecast. If you visiting in the spring or fall, make sure that the clothes you’ve packed are light and airy, something you’d wear during the summer, but also include a nice jacket or sweater as a precaution.


Screen yourself. Specifically-speaking, put sunscreen on yourself. A little SPF wouldn’t hurt when you’re out on a trip; put some on even if it’s not that sunny outside. The weather might turn on you anytime! Nothing ruins a vacation or hot tub like a sunburn!


Make an itinerary. We know some of you like to live free of time restraints and would rather face Branson head-on, but an itinerary is more often helpful than not. You don’t have to make it very detailed starting from the time you wake up and brush your teeth,  just a vague outline of what kind of activities you plan on doing so you’ll have a better idea of what and how much to prepare.


Hide a stash. A less obvious, but very helpful packing tip when you’re out traveling and decide to bring cash rather than a credit card, make sure not to bring everything with you. If you’re staying in a hotel, make sure to tuck a few bucks away in your luggage. Or, if you’re opting for a backpacking trip, hide some in your socks or something. We lose stuff, and in Branson you never know if you’re going to be on a roller coaster one minute, a zip line the next, or on a soaked bumper boat, and I wouldn’t take a purse on any of those!  Purses and wallets get misplaced very easily when your always coming and going, placing them here and there. Either way, it’s best to carry just enough on you for the activities you plan on doing that day, instead of your whole vacation budget!


Pack a smile. Lastly, go to Branson knowing that you’re going to have the time of your life. It’s honestly one of the best places to visit in the US and so uniquely different than anywhere you’ve ever been!


Well, that’s about it. The rest of your trip is up to you! Also note that if you ever forget something, there’s a thousand shops in Branson will help you out – just don’t forget too much.

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