Talking Rocks Cavern

Talking Rocks Cavern

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Ticket Pricing Notes: Child Ages 4-12

Open to the public since 1921, Talking Rocks Cavern offers guided tours through one of Missouri’s most incredible wonders. Their knowledgeable cave tour guides will lead you on a one-hour walking tour, and will share the history of the cave, as well as information about the amazing geological formations found throughout the cavern. Make sure to bring your camera! Plus, Talking Rocks Cavern is always a welcoming 63 degrees, so it is the perfect temperature to visit any time of the year.

While there, check out their above ground activities as well! Relax at the picnic areas, hike the nature trails and enjoy the view from lookout tower, crawl your way through two different SpeleoBox Mazes, strike pay-dirt as you pan for gemstones, play a giant game of outdoor checkers, and be sure you putt-putt a round at Cave Country Mini-Golf!


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