Top 5 Branson Table Rock Lake Things To Do| Activities & Attractions


Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life when you spend an hour, a day, or an entire week soaking in the beauty of the clear blue waters of Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri.

Delight in ample lake activities with the whole family as you go swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking, and scuba diving at Branson, Missouri’s most popular destination: Table Rock Lake.

1.Hiking & Scenic Viewpoints

Whether you are up for a long trek through the woods, or the brief walk from your car to a scenic viewpoint of Table Rock Lake, there are options for everybody! Get out in nature with the many scenic trails that follow the lake or go to a spot where you can see Branson and the lake as far as the eye can see at Branson’s Scenic Viewpoint.

Here’s a list of the most scenic hiking trails by or near Table Rock:
White River Valley Trail
Lakeshore Trail
White River Blue Trail
Canebrake & White River Corridor
Branson Scenic Overlook
Dewey Shore Visitor Center



Drive to any of the Marinas dotting the wide expanse of Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri to enjoy the lake to the fullest. Jump in a boat to go fishing, rent a kayak to paddle your heart out or enjoy a boat tour to learn all there is to know about the wondrous history of the lake.

State Park Marina

Recognized as Missouri’s first “Clean Marina” designation, avid lake lovers can choose from a wide variety of rentals including boats, slips, wave runners, and bikes to experience the full wonder of Table Rock Lake. Revel in the many features of State Park Marina including a boathouse store, a restaurant, tour boats, boat rentals, and full-marine services! Over 640 boats have already made their home here. Will your boat be next?

Bass Pro Shops® Long Creek Marina

Just a hop, skip & a boat ride away from Big Cedar Lodge, the full-service Long Creek Marina offers some of the best water and fishing sports hands down. You’ll come to appreciate the wonderful facilities, the friendly staff and the numerous opportunities for groups, families and couples for a day of great fun out on the waters. Rent anything and everything from boats, water sport equipment rentals, fishing services & guides, boat rentals and personal ski instruction. You can even set sail on a breathtaking yacht, the Lady Liberty, for a cruise complete with dinner and sunset views.

Some additional features at Long Creek:
Skiing, Wakeboarding, Tubing, Personal Watercraft & Boat Rentals, Fishing & Fishing Guides, Goin’ Jessi Lake Tour, & Bowfishing.


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Other Marinas to Visit on Table Rock Lake:
Main Street Marina, Campbell Point Marina, Hideaway Marina, Cricket Creek Marina, Baxter Marina LLC, Branson Bay Marina, Indian Point Marina, and State Park Marina.

3.Water Activities at Table Rock Lake

If you consider yourself to be a fish out of water, get your fill of the lake when you enjoy a plethora of lake activities such as kayaking, swimming, camping and fishing—all on the scenic Table Rock Lake!


Get the upper body workout you’ve always wanted when you take a kayak out on the calm, tranquil waters of Table Rock Lake. With no current, paddling comes easy for beginners and seasoned kayakers alike. Ease along the surface and surround yourself with the cool green canopy of trees or venture out into the wide open expanse of the water to soak in the sun, take pictures, or pull out the ole faithful fishing rod. Make your kayak adventure an overnight one and stop overnight along one of the campgrounds on the western shores of the lake.


A few other great kayaking spots: Moonshine Beach, Table Rock State Park, or anywhere along the western edge of Branson.



With over 800 miles of shoreline, there are plenty of areas to dip your toes or dive all in the refreshing waters of Table Rock Lake. One fan favorite swimming hole is the public swimming area of Moonshine Beach complete with sandy shores, changing rooms, restrooms, and picnic areas.

Other areas for public swimming:
Beaver Area
Table Rock State Park
Indian Point Public Use Area

Water Skiing

It’s not uncommon to see some individual wearing a life jacket skiing behind a boat running at 20-40 mph on Table Rock Lake. Water skiing is enjoyed by any water sports junkie out there and it’s no wonder. The breathtaking ride, the spray of the lake hitting your face, the wind whipping through your hair—or the lack thereof—is an adrenaline rush the young and young at heart seek out when they come to Branson, Missouri.


Scratching your head wondering what wakeboarding is? The first clue: it’s not waterskiing! Waterskiing includes two separate ski boards just like when you go skiing on the snow. Wakeboarding on the other hand, or maybe we should say foot, is similar to snowboarding with both feet attached to a single board. If you’re up for adventure and getting your feet wet, wakeboarding is a very popular and exhilarating water activity you should try!

Scuba Diving

If you think it’s fun to be on, by, or above Table Rock Lake, try going under!

That’s right—you can scuba dive under Table Rock and explore the mysterious depths of the lake like never before! There are numerous spots for incredible freshwater scuba diving, nearby dive shops filled with top notch equipment, and specialized training for new divers. See a whole new world under Table Rock Lake with options and areas available for all certification levels.

Dive deep to explore the sparse remnants of the little town of Oasis, MO that was submerged underwater in the 1950s or swim through the dense kelp jungle of the Enchanted Forest. No matter your level of certification, Table Rock Lake is truly a smorgasbord paradise for divers.


4.Fishing at Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake contains several species of fish including: Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass, White Crappie, Bluegill, Long Ear sunfish, White Bass and Black Crappie.

It’s a fisher’s paradise on shore or on the water giving Table Rock the well-earned title of being a nationally-renowned fishing destination for its location and diverse species of fish.

Make sure you know what sort of fish to go for as different seasons in Branson, Missouri will bring certain species of fish to the surface. Fish will either be located on the lower end of the lake or well offshore during the hot summer months. Spotted bass are the chief target and can be caught on drop shot rigs,¾ oz Jewel football jigs and spoons.


5.Camping at Table Rock Lake

Find a campground you like, make your reservation, and enjoy the tranquil beauty of any of the many camps dotting the shores of Table Rock Lake.

Get easy access to fishing, water activities and picnic areas when you whip out your tent and/or RV and find the spot that’s perfect for you. Camping near the lake presents an outdoor nostalgia great for family outings or anyone in need of a breather. Watch the rising and setting of the sun over the water and whip out those marshmallows for s’mores galore the next time you go camping near the lake!


Campgrounds spots near the lake:

Table Rock State Park, Table Rock State Park Campground 1, Table Rock Lake RV Resort & Marina, Lakeview Campground, Baxter Campground & Mill Creek Campground( Mill Creek & Baxter Campgrounds located on the White River Arm of Table Rock Lake).

There are many wonderful attractions and activities ready at the lake for you and your family this summer. Read more about lake marinas, outdoor activities and many other fun Branson attractions to get ready for your next vacation getaway here:

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