Branson Comedy Hypnosis Dinner Show

Master Hypnotist Jecobie Roberts will steal the show with her breathtaking acts, clean entertainment & open opportunities for guests to partake in the show. Jecobie brings a larger-than-life personality to stage that will keep audiences engaged, entertained and awed from start to finish. Additionally, every performance includes a delicious hot meal complete with dessert so every guest leaves will the fullest of  stomachs and the ultimate hypnosis experience!

Escape Reality Magic & Illusions

Escape reality and delve into the mysteries and wonders of magic with master illusionists Garry and Janine Carson. This dynamic duo has performed all over the world and now present showmanship and entertainment at its finest in Branson with dazzling effects, mind bending illusions and on the edge-of-your-seat magic.

Reza – Edge of Illusion

Be amazed as you watch the spectacular, world-wide performer Reza conduct groundbreaking illusions, execute jaw dropping fire stunts and make a full-size helicopter appear on stage! Yes, a helicopter! Keep your eyes open for surprises and tricks at every corner as Reza intrigues, stuns, and captivates his audience with every showing!

Rick Thomas – Mansion of Dreams

Rick Thomas and his talented crew will stun audiences with music, dancing and the unmatched magic of the talented and well-accomplished illusionist himself! Expect the unexpected in this one-of-a-kind show full of impressive effects, crafty costumes and mind-breaking illusions.

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