From Broadway to Bublé – Starring George Dyer |Christmas Season, COVID-19 & A New Year


Based around the values of “Faith, Family, & Freedom” From Broadway to Bublé – Starring George Dyer is a well-loved and entertaining variety presentation showing at the Americana Theater off of W Hwy 76 in Branson, Missouri. We recently had an interview with Mr. Dyer and covered everything topic-wise from the Christmas season to what the future holds for this wonderful show in 2021.

The star of the show, George Dyer, is known for his Award-Winning tenor voice and overall charming, witty and accommodating stage presence. To give a little background on how he started out here, Dyer told us he has been in Branson since 2009 – the year he opened his first show at the Dutton Family Theater. In 2017, George moved to the Americana Theatre and has “been here since.” 

Before coming to Branson, George  made a career singing Opera for nearly 16 years. He told us: “I have performed all over the country and the world, throughout the United States, Canada, and select locations in Europe and the Middle East, especially while I was singing Opera full-time,” Dyer said. “My musical tastes are wide ranging and varied, and my show reflects that variety.” 

With such a diverse range in musical talent and capabilities, George moves his show through a number of genres and periods of music with ease. In other words,  audience members will hear multiple songs from hit movies, Broadway musical productions, and songs from #1 hit artists such as Michael Bublé, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Josh Groban, Mario Lanza & more!

‘From Broadway to Bublé – Starring George Dyer’ Show Overview

Dyer said songs performed during the 2 hour show change throughout the year, with different artists and genres highlighted throughout the season. “The same goes for our Broadway hits,” Dyer said.”The mainstays are songs from ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Les Misérables’ but we, over the years, have performed hits from ‘Oklahoma’, ‘Man of LaMancha’, ‘Wicked’, ‘Hamilton’, and MANY more. There is so much from Broadway we could change the line up every year and not do the same songs from one season to the next for years.” 

George said guests “Will also hear hits from Disney, ‘The Greatest Showman’, and – of course – the world of Grand Opera which, because of the prerecorded video introductions and English translations we play on our video screens, is one of the most popular segments of our show.” These prerecorded video introductions give insight to each performance so audiences know a little background and detail behind the song instead of just hearing it performed. 



Dyer is joined on stage by his lovely and talented wife of 33 years, Clarisse, who is a major part of the show as she appears on stage several times to perform her own powerful solos or sing duets beside her husband in perfect harmony. George and Clarisse have 4 talented children, Kendra, Mitchell, Garrett, and Kassidy; each who have performed in the show but have now moved on after getting married. However, some of their children do return as guest stars for special shows, so keep your eyes open!

After 11 seasons of performing in Branson, Dyer and his show have been nominated for several awards over the years including awards for “Vocalist of the Year”, “Male Vocalist of the Year” (6 times), as well as being nominated for “Best New Show”, “Morning Show of the Year” and “Matinee Show of the Year” multiple times. Individuals who have seen the show have also left one positive review after another praising the dynamic duo and their children for their humor, wit, charm and talent. The show currently has a 5 star rating on Google. Here’s one review from a satisfied audience member:

“We come to Branson twice per year and each time we see a few shows we’ve never seen before, however every time we will see George Dyer’s show. His voice is incredible, his show magnificent, his family is so very talented. This is our favorite show in Branson out of the 20+ we’ve seen. We highly recommend it.”
– Carol McFall, Google Reviews


Christmas Show Segment

During the winter months of November and December, “From Broadway to Bublé – Starring George Dyer” includes Christmas songs in the second half and presents hit holiday classics such as: “Marshmallow World”, “Believe”, “O Holy Night”, “Breath of Heaven/Mary Did You Know”, “Ave Maria” and “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. George said including a segment dedicated to the Christmas season presents a “win-win” for audiences as they get a taste of the regular season show as well as experience some “inspiring Christmas music” in the second half. Before the second half of the show transpires, intermission will give audience members a chance to purchase George Dyer CD’s, DVD’s, shirts & and other fun merchandise and get any item autographed by George himself!


Whether George, his wife, or his children are performing regular season shows, during the holidays, or touring around the country, George told us in his interview there’s a special aspect to performing live that stands out to him as it establishes a sense of energy and connection.

“There is a very real energy that is shared in a live show from the stage to the audience and back,” George explained. ” It is a symbiotic experience. What I try to do during my show is to give my audience an escape from their daily lives and forget about their worries or cares through the power of music, lighting, and media we project on our video screens, and inspire and uplift them throughout. I hope they experience a complete immersion into the emotions created through those means. Music is also very healing, and I have loved those times when an audience member shares with me how much a song or the show itself helped them through a difficult time in their lives.”  

COVID-19 Updates

Even with the limits of  COVID-19 restrictions, George and his wife continue to go above and beyond in making audiences feel at home and safe during every showing. Dyer expanded more on the struggles and challenges of COVID-19 as he explained: ” We have gone from finding ways to increase our attendance numbers, profits, show improvements, etc., to finding ways to survive so that there can be a 2021 season. Gratefully, our show will be returning next season! As a theater we have had to make the mandatory adjustments that come from trying to stay open during a pandemic, with all of the cleaning and sanitizing protocols, along with mask wearing and social distancing, all to keep our staff and audience members as safe as possible, and have the confidence to know that we are doing all we can to ensure their safety and health.”


2021 New Year Plans

Speaking of 2021, George said he and Clarisse will hit the road to do everything from leading tours to performing on cruise ships. “We will have a limited performance schedule here in Branson until November where we will have our usual slate of 3 shows per week,” George said. Performances will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10:00 am. George said the show will follow that same schedule when they are in town performing.


If all the diverse talent and capabilities you’ve read about so far about this talented performer and his family weren’t enough… there’s more! George speaks an impressive 8 languages, some of which you will hear in song form and has additionally performed Opera all over the world; a fact that’s evident as you hear his strong voice carry each note with the ease and practice of a true professional during the show. Essentially, George and Clarisse represent the true essence of the world of theater, or at least what theater should be. If you appreciate Broadway musicals, hit classics and the uplifting sounds of Opera, this is the show you need to see! You can stay up-to-date on The George Dyer Show Facebook page or on their site here. 

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