Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe During a Family Vacation

Traveling with children can be a challenge whether you have toddlers or teenagers. For many parents, safety is the primary concern when taking a family vacation. If you’re planning an upcoming trip, there are a few tips for keeping your kids safe and protecting their well-being.


Create a Medical Plan

There’s always the risk that your child could get sick while traveling to a new destination, making it necessary to have a medical plan established. You’ll need to call your family doctor and also make contact with the U.S. embassy if you’re traveling abroad. Getting your children vaccinated is also crucial to prevent them from becoming sick if they’re exposed to polio or typhoid fever while vacationing in other countries.

It’s also necessary to contact your insurance company before departing to determine what type of coverage is offered if you’re abroad. Travel medical insurance may be something to consider as well.


Write Your Number on Each Child’s Arm

Make it a point to write your number on each child’s arm before you spend the day at an amusement park or touring museums. Use a permanent marker on their forearm to ensure that you’ll be contacted if another adult finds them wandering around. You can also take a few of the business cards from your hotel and put them in the child’s pockets. Using wristbands that have your number printed will also offer peace of mind and can prevent you from becoming separated for too long. SafetyTat is an exciting new product that serves the same use without risking it washing or falling off.

You’ll also want to tell the child to stay put if you become separated to ensure that they’re easier to find.


Childproof the Hotel Room

Many parents childproof their home to ensure that children are safe while playing and exploring the property. Security systems are an essential part of protecting the house. One of the cheapest security systems used by many is the ADT cord cutter package, which is affordable and can protect a house from intruders.

Similarly, the same level of safety should be provided in hotel rooms. Once you arrive, you should childproof the hotel room to avoid accidents and injuries that can occur. Use socket covers on all of the outlets that are within reach and move furniture pieces that can fall. All of the bathroom doors should also stay unlocked.


Protecting your children from hazards and having backup plans established if you’re separated can make for a smooth and successful trip. By taking the right steps, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are out of harm’s way.

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