New City Ordinance| Branson’s Board of Alderman Passes Mask Mandate July 2020


As of July 31st, face coverings will be mandatory in the City of Branson when individuals are in public spaces. Branson’s Board of Aldermen approved the mask mandate which will be in effect until Sept. 8 when the board can choose to extend the City ordinance or let it expire.


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The ordinance now includes the following constituents:

  • Individuals are required to wear face coverings while present in indoor and outdoor public spaces. This requirement does not apply to those who are engaged in certain activities or under the age of 13.
  • Operators of public places such as business owners are required to guarantee guests use face coverings.
  • All businesses are to post signs in plain sight outlining requirements on face coverings and social distancing.

If individuals violate this new city ordinance, there is a $100 fine and potential revocation of business license and/or other permits.

Under the mask mandate, exemptions are made for individuals with a health condition documented by a medical professional, who are hearing impaired and someone who is communicating with a person who is hearing impaired.
Other exemptions include:

  • While swimming
  • While obtaining a service involving the head, face or nose
  • While playing a sport, exercising or using exercise equipment
  • While outdoors while maintaining a physical distance of at least six feet
  • While outdoors who is closer than six feet to family members of people they reside with
  • While performing on a fixed stage
  • While engaging in public speaking while socially distancing
  • Any public safety officer engaged in an emergency situation
  • Any person during a wedding ceremony or while photographs of the wedding and reception are taken
  • Any family member of a deceased person during a funeral, interment or memorial


Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Passing of the new City ordinance was met with some resistance from Branson locals and even performers including comedian Yakov Smirnoff and Clay Cooper.

Other cities in Missouri including St. Louis, St. Louis County, Columbia and Kansas City have required masks in public with Branson being the latest.

A statewide mandate has not yet been issued by Missouri Governor Mike Parson.

What do you think of the new City ordinance that requires a mask in public spaces? Let us know in the comment section below.

Learn more about the new ordinance here:


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