How I Saved $62.11 in One Day in Branson

I always used to think that saving money in Branson involved some kind of catch. If I wanted to save money, it always required something out of me.


Things I hated doing…


Things like sitting through timeshare meetings, visiting shady looking ticket sales shops, taking surveys, or simply just toting around and shuffling through a ton of paper coupons.


This trip however, was going to be different. Very different. Me and the wife dropped the kids off at their grandparents early that morning. We needed to do some shopping, but just as importantly we needed to get away for some alone time for just a little bit!


By the time we pulled onto the main drag, it was around lunch time. I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Yep, Starvin Marvin’s. The buffet was great as always, and I was literally a few bites away from going into a food induced coma! I can’t believe I ate all that food, and I actually got the buffet for half off saving me $9.98! They had to lose money on that deal!


With my belly full it was all I could do to get in the car to head off to the outlets to do some shopping. My wife needed some clothes for a new job she was starting and the kids needed some back to school shoes. Like most males, I hate shopping. Particularly shopping in women’s stores. Plus, I’m sure she enjoys shopping more when I’m not around constantly trying to get her to hurry up. Usually ends up in a fight…but anyway, that’s besides the point. As she went into Chico’s, I plopped down on a nice bench outside the store. After what seemed like 6 hours (it was really only about 45 minutes) she walked out of the store, several bags in tote.


“How’d it go?” I asked.


“Great,” she said. “I got several outfits plus I saved $20!”


“Awesome! I said. I was really more happy that she was done, but the money she saved was good too. “Now let’s go get those shoes!”


I don’t mind shoe shopping, especially for the boys. We both strolled into the Asics store and quickly found a few nice pairs of shoes for the boys to wear to school. As we were checking out, we were able to instantly save $10.68 with our little trick!


By the time we were done visiting a few other stores, it was getting dinner time, and I don’t know how, but I was hungry again! We both seemed to be in the mood for steak, so we went to Land & Cattle Steakhouse. I ordered a rib-eye and she had the filet. It was delicious! We even splurged for dessert, which we never do. Our final bill was $74.58. Thankfully though, 10% was taken off our bill saving us an easy $7.45!


The night was still young, and since the kids were already spending the night at the grandparents, so why not catch a show? We’ve been wanting to see SIX for some time now, so we decided to go do it. The show was great, but surprising to us, we were able to save $6 on our tickets right there at the box office.


It was almost 9 pm by this time, but our quick getaway wasn’t over. That morning my wife had booked something we had always wanted to do. Go to an escape room! She decided to go to the Escape Code, as she had had some friends say it was really good. Excitedly, as we pulled up and payed for our tickets, we were able to save 15%, which equaled $8 off!


What a great day! We got to get away from the kiddos for a bit, buy some stuff we needed, and also spend some quality time together!


But just as great was how we were so easily able to save money on things we were already going to do so easily, without any catches at all!


Here’s a recap of all the money we instantly saved:


Starvin’ Marvins – $9.98
Chico’s – $20
Asics – $10.68
Land & Cattle – $7.45
SIX – $6
Escape Code – $8

Total Savings – $62.11!


So whats the secret?


Well, it’s actually not a secret, and there isn’t a trick involved either. It’s a simple app for your phone called The Branson Saver App!


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