Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai

Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai

Grand Shanghai Theatre
3455 West 76 Country Blvd. Branson, Missouri 65616
Adult Box Office: $40.00
Our Adult Ticket: $25.00
Child Ticket: $20.00

Treat you and your family to a couple hours of the most amazing feats of grace, talent, balance and strength in Branson at the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai show. Forty acrobats will tackle the most unbelievable performances including stunning acrobatic acts and a balancing of chairs tower!

From the moment to the curtains draw back, audience members can witness an ensemble of China’s  most elegant athletes, trained to perform acrobatic stunts that require skills of strength, grace, and flexibility. 

Every element of this incredible show is stunning whether its the visuals, lighteng, costumes, performances, colorful backdrops or the sounds. The show changes every year so there’s always something new and fascinating when you see Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai.



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