Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter

Grand Shanghai Theatre
3455 West 76 Country Blvd. Branson, Missouri 65616
Adult Box Office: $40.00
Our Adult Ticket: $26.00
Child Ticket: $15.00
Ticket Pricing Notes:

Child Ages 5-15

Treat yourself to Ireland’s top country singer now performing in Branson! Nathan Carter will captivate his audiences with his diverse musical talents, smooth vocals and obvious musical talent. Come see Nathan and his six-piece band perform at the Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre for a show quickly becoming on of Branson’s biggest musical hits!

Nathan’s recordings include: “Where I Wanna Be”(no.1)”Beautiful Life”, “Stayin’ Up All Night”,”The Way That You Love Me”, “Time Of My Life”, “The Live Show” & More!


Fun Fact: In Ireland, Nathan Carter outsold One Direction, Pharrell Williams & Michael Bublé! Talk about talent!

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