Reza – Edge of Illusion

Reza - Edge of Illusion

Branson Famous Theatre
645 MO-165, Branson, MO 65616
Adult Box Office: $45.00
Our Adult Ticket: $35.00
Child Ticket: $18.00
Ticket Pricing Notes:

Child Ages 4-11. Lap Child 0-3.

Be amazed as you watch the spectacular, world-wide performer Reza conduct groundbreaking illusions, execute jaw dropping magic and make a full-size helicopter appear on stage! Yes, a helicopter! Keep your eyes open for surprises and tricks at every corner as Reza intrigues, stuns, and captivates his audience with every showing at the Branson Famous Theatre!

Televised Network Appearances: MTV, A&E, The CW, PBS, Reelz, CX, Fuji, and Telemundo.

Live Venues: Alamodome (San Antonio), Philips Arena (Atlanta), Villanova Pavilion (Philadelphia), and Mundo Imperial Forum (Acapulco).




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